This is Reputable Psychic

As someone who meets real psychics and knows them, I thought I would start a bit of a blog to allow the reader to make better choices when consulting with a psychic or a medium.

Are you in distress?

Everyone experiences events in their lives that can be stressful or distressing. A consultation with a psychic can give you the tools you need to make the best possible decisions. You can take action and direct your life toward the high goals that are attainable for everyone.

What to look for

First, if you are looking for a psychic, you want to hit the search engines and find the website of a reputable psychic. This person will have written about themselves and what they do. If you see a psychic who does not have a website, it should be a red flag. Real psychics don't try to "fly under the radar" hanging out a sign to lure passers-by. Better psychics will have schedules that are booked up. And they will have a lot of information about themselves on their websites. Your first search should never be a roadside "palm reader" sign but, rather, a Google search.

If you have a friend who consults with psychics, a personal recommendation is always a good idea.

The Myth of the Cold Reader

Many of us have seen Monica Ten-Kate or Theresa Caputo on television. We believe that both Monica the Medium and the Long Island Medium are not fake, but the situations and set-ups are certainly fake. Real Mediums and Psychics will never walk up to you and tell you about your long-lost relative or offer you a prediction based on their psychic ability. Real Mediums and Psychics have offices where you can get a private reading or message from a loved one who has passed away.

And no television network has a right to show anyone's face on television without their consent. This is why you see some faces "fuzzed out" on these shows—those people refused to sign an agreement that allows the show to include them. Every single person who is approached by Theresa or Monica on these shows has previously signed an agreement to be on the show and to allow these two Mediums to try to contact their loved ones. The television shows try to create a scene where Monica or Theresa are just going about their daily lives and "cold reading" these people, but they are not.

This is not to take anything away from either Monica or Theresa. We do not believe that they would be on these shows were they fakers. But the situations and set-ups on these shows are nothing like reality.