When to just walk out on a supposed "psychic."

Remember, the time you are spending is your time. And the money you are spending is your money. So let's be wise here: There are times to just run away from someone who claims to be psychic but is running something other than a psychic reading.

Is the "psychic" asking a lot of questions?

Feel free to tell a psychic your real name and, if asked your date of birth. But there is a whole lot of information you ought not share, like "Are you married?" "Are you in a relationship?" "How many children do you have?"

These are all questions no psychic should be asking. Palm readers can look at your hand and tell you these things. Real psychics can see it in a tarot spread or in the tea leaves. Psychics cannot determine your date of birth, your telephone number or your name just from you entering their office. But they should know if you are in a relationship without you telling them about it.

Someone who is asking a lot of questions is not being "psychic," at best they are being a "Life coach," at worst they are looking for "hooks" so that they can try to take advantage of you.

The current common scams

We hear about a lot of the scams and, you can contact us to tell us of anything you have heard in confidence. We will never publish your name or any personal informaiton about you.