The "Demon Box"

This is a recent one. We came across someone who told us that there is this "psychic" who is claiming to be able to make a "demon box" where the demons afflicting one's life may be placed by the "psychic" to stop a run of bad luck or cause the bad things to go away.

"Who you gonna call?"

My first response upon hearing this doozy was to recall the "containment field" in the film "Ghostbusters" where, after a successful "ghost extraction." the Ghostbusters team would place the spirit into a "containment box" that was in the basement of the firehouse where they had their offices. Hilarity ensues in the film when an EPA inspector, brilliantly played by William Atherton, turns off the "containment field" and all of the spirits get out.

You can't see the Demon Box

Nope, you can never see it (because it doesn't exist), but it sure is very expensive. Of course, the cost of the "Demon Box" is probably directly related to a car the Gypsy wishes to purchase or some other high-ticket item she is eyeing.

Rest assured, it doesn't exist and the so-called Demons or evil spirits around you don't, either.