"Auric Cleansing"

While scientists have measured energy fields around the human body, it's a cinch that it doesn't get dirty. We heard of one Gypsy who, apparently, does "Auric Cleansing" taking away the dirt that the evil spirits may have left behind in your aura.

Hit the showers!

Bioelectricmagnitism is the study of the interaction between electromagnetic fields and living beings, like you and I. And there are short-lived electrical events that do live in what are called "excitable cells" including neurons, muscle cells, and endocrine cells. But these fields are so weak so as to barely extend beyond the surface of your skin. And, since water tends to reduce static electricity through grounding it, if you need to clean your aura, it's best and easiest to do that in the shower while you clean your body. Nobody external to you can clean your aura better than you do, unless they step into the shower with you.

Back to the Gypsy Curse

Again, this is a confidence game to try to get you to believe something is affecting you when nothing is. And anyone asking you to tell them your life story (when you are paying them to be psychic) is looking to set you up for a con game.

You will probably notice that the price of the "auric cleansing" goes down as you begin to leave.