"You have Evil Spirits or Demons around you."

This is very much like the Gypsy Curse.

This is a predatory practice

You may be going through a tough time and, in many cases, the supposed "psychic" will ask you what is going on and get you to describe what is happening in your life. Understand, this is not psychic ability. If you are narrating your life history to a supposed psychic, they are not being psychic, you are using them as a counselor. It's good to talk through things, but that is not the realm of a real psychic, who should know what is happening in your life.

The Gypsy "reader" uses your life story and your troubles against you.

It's all about getting at your money.

The goal here is to convince you of something that is not true. Of course, if you believe that you have demons because it "fits with your experience." Remember, you are re-categorizing the bad things in your life only and never the good things that "can't be caused by demons or evil spirits."

Head to the door, you will notice that the offer to get rid of the evil spirits will be repeated, but with a lower figure (at first).